Acne Clinics of Edmonton Offers Medical Helpand Advice About How to Treat all Forms of Acne, Rosacea, and Acne Scars

At Laser Sheer™  Advanced Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Training Centre, we have expanded our technology and medical advice to include a common sense approach to helping you clear up your acne problems – on your face, your neck, your shoulders, or areas that affect you significantly. We offer healing facts…so you can treat your acne conditions, feel reassured that our industry experts have the best acne treatments for you… and stop hiding because of zits and pimples.

Wondering Which Acne Treatments Work?

We understand you have been searching and researching for which options are right for you. Don’t rely on hype or even your friends! But you’re right about all the information and so-called cures and advice out there. It can be confusing and frustrating to know what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why we’ve opened our Acne Clinics of Edmonton right here in West Edmonton Mall. Under the direct supervision and expert guidance of medical consultant Dr. Karmen Kerby and the trained team, they have narrowed your search for the best acne treatment and acne scar removal process for your condition.

You can rest assured you are getting maximum results for each dollar you spend.

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Remedies You’ll Love

You’ll feel relieved knowing the ideal treatment is waiting for you. Book your appointment with our professionals today.

  • Let’s get those zits and pimples under control!
  • Let’s get those scars reduced and healed.
  • Let’s get you smiling and eager to face the world!

Pammie Bhullar, President,

Laser Sheer™ and Acne Clinics of Edmonton

P.S. Here’s a private invitation from me. We take pride that our Laser Sheer™  and Acne Clinics of Edmonton, plus our dynamic laser training centre are ideally located in North America’s largest shopping and entertainment Mall. West Edmonton Mall boasts 800 stores, 100 eating places and 9 thrilling parks and attractions!