Initial Investment

(PDF Dollar Table)

Initial Interview and Contact Steps

This is a very simple start up process.

We know in advance of talking with you that your biggest concern is support for your investment and the sequence of events necessary to get started and build your businesses

The following 6 steps is all it takes to get started. The Laser Sheer candidate for a franchisee new worth should be at least 300,000.

1. Complete the confidential Request for Consideration Form in full and fax it to us at your earliest convenience. Fax it to attention Franchise Department 1-866-62-LASER OR 1-403-991-1139

2. When your form is received it will be review by our management team. We are seeking high quality franchisees and we make every effort to be selective in granting franchises

3. If you appear to qualify, you will be contacted within a week. If there is mutual interest you will be invited to visit with us personally at which time you will receive more information and include in that is a Confidentiality Agreement.

4) When we receive that we will have you come into our franchise office in Edmonton for meetings where we will provide you with all the details of our franchise relationship.

5) If both parties are ready to proceed we will provide you with our complete package of legal agreements for your review and once that has been done and the franchise signed your training with be scheduled

6) And good work…you are on your way to a new career in an ever expanding industry