Botox® Treatments


Botox Cosmetic® revolutionized medical esthetics providing simple, effective and affordable solution to defy aging. With 95% of all Canadians being confident in how they look and 80% considering physical attractiveness important in today’s society, and two in three Canadians wanting to look younger for their age, Botox plays a great role in modern medical esthetics.

Botox Cosmetic® temporarily eliminates or reduces dynamic wrinkles of the face and neck, and these benefits are obtained with little discomfort during a brief treatment session, much shorter than a lunch break. With systematically growing number of properly trained Botox providers, and proven record of safety over the last 18 years, Botox Cosmetic® became a truly wonder procedure, and was approved for treatment of dynamic wrinkles of the face in more than seventy five countries. With Botox Cosmetic® meeting the criteria of a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that won public heart (effective and safe, simple and quick, non-invasive, minimal discomfort, affordable), Botox® earned it first position among all cosmetic procedures in North America. Almost three million Botox Cosmetic® procedures are performed annually in North America and this number is steadily growing as more women and men learn about its age-defying benefits.

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How do the facial wrinkles form? With skin aging, losing its natural high moisture content, and repeated frowning, a special pattern of dynamic wrinkles form, giving our faces a characteristic pattern of ‘frown’ (glabella), ‘worry’ lines (forehead), and ‘crow’s feet (sides of the eyes) wrinkles. The above photos readily present true benefits of Botox Cosmetic® as the wrinkles are simply gone a few days after the Botox application, that last 3-5 months or longer.

Frequent Asked Questions About Botox Treatments

What is Botox Cosmetic®?

Botox Cosmetic® is a natural product that relaxes dynamic wrinkles arising from activity of facial and neck muscles. It is a natural purified protein extracted in a high-tech Allergan laboratory and is extracted from specially harvested bacteria and delivered in a form of refined medication available only to certified Botox injectors.

Is Botox Cosmetic® a safe drug?

Botox Cosmetic® has an 18 year long excellent safety track record and is approved for use in more than 75 countries. Botox Cosmetic® is an ideal drug for minimally invasive non-surgical cosmetic procedures that give great and predictable beneficial results.

Is Botox Cosmetic® popular?

Botox Cosmetic® is the most demanded cosmetic drug that enables women and men reduce their wrinkles during a very short procedure. It has been featured on numerous beauty shows as the hottest solution to wrinkle treatment and has become a standard of modern medical esthetics.

What Botox Cosmetic® Treatment entitles?

Botox Cosmetic® is applied by physician or RN at Laser Sheer in a few minute injections using a thinnest needle possible to carefully identified areas of the face where facial muscle activity causes dynamic wrinkles. Skin is cleansed and prepped for the treatment. Performing the injections takes a minute or so, and there is very little (if any) discomfort. You can resume your regular activities, however, it is recommended that you will not lie down or engage in vigorous physical activities over four hours after the injections.

What side effects can occur?

Side effects arising from Botox Cosmetic® injections are transient and usually negligible. However, some Clients reported:

  • Pain (like from a mosquito bite)
  • A tiny bruise (resolving within a few days)
  • Minimal skin redness (very brief)
  • Headache

Who is not a candidate for Botox Cosmetic®?

A vast majority of Canadians who developed some facial and neck wrinkles, will greatly benefit from Botox Cosmetic®. All potential Clients need to have a short medical consultation to check if their wrinkles will be reduced by Botox. The only contraindications include:

  • Severe neuromuscular disease like myasthenia gravis, Eaton Lambert Syndrome and severe Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Active shingles of the face (Herpes Zoster) or cold sores (Herpes Simples) in the area of the injection site,
  • History of severe migraines after Botox Cosmetic® injections,
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding


Can Botox Cosmetic® be used for other wrinkles?

Botox Cosmetic® is usually used for the crow’s feet, frown and worry lines. Our experienced and thoroughly trained cosmetic physician also uses Botox to reduce ‘smoker’s lines’ (around the lips), neck bands and horizontal lines, ‘bunny lines’ on the nose, and to shape eye brows into a smooth arches. Correction of the shape of mouth by lifting its corners up, and reducing chin dimpling and creasing is also possible.

How long the Botox benefits last?

Botox Cosmetic® reduces or eliminates dynamic wrinkles for 3-5 months. With repeated injection the results may last longer.

Can I have Botox Treatment?

If you are interested in checking if you will benefit from Botox Cosmetic® , please book a free consultation. Your beauty needs will be reviewed and the best solution(s) presented to you. If you have undesired wrinkles, you are likely to be offered Botox Cosmetic treatment. If your wrinkles are permanent, our cosmetic physician may consider wrinkle elimination or reduction using Sciton ThermaScan Laser, Thermage® or other appropriate solution depending on your skin condition and needs.