Laser Sheer helps you stay young!

Get back the you, you used to know. Turn back the clock at Laser Sheer.  Laser sheer is a trademark company. WEM is only location in Canada.

Our mission at Laser Sheer in West Edmonton Mall is to support you to look into your mirror and say out loud, “WOW! I look Great”

Frankly we believe that each time you look into the mirror and you don’t like what you see, you jeopardize your well-being. We want to help you change that mind set, right now!

I want to take a minute to explain what we do for you here at Laser Sheer in West Edmonton Mall.

To start, our professionally trained Doctors and technicians not only care for you, but also care about how you feel about yourself. They speak to you about your skin condition and determine which treatments work best to erase spots, improve wrinkles or reduce scars. It means that all those products and skin services you’ve come to trust over the years—treatments like Microdermabrasion, Thermage®, Blu-U and Intense pulsed light, you can trust that they’re made with your health as well as beauty in mind.

Learn more about Botox® and fillers, Laser hair removal or Laser Vein treatments. When you’re ready for your acne treatment, Botox® or Tattoo Removalcall for your complimentary consultation to find out which treatment would suit your skin condition best.